What are SIP Phone and SIP Trunk services?

SIP Phone and SIP Trunk are two efficient solutions for optimal use of the telephone line, which provide more reliability and access than traditional telephone systems.

With the use of SIP Phone and SIP Trunk and benefiting from a stable communication network, the efficiency of work can be significantly increased. With the help of SIP Phone and Sip Trunk, it is possible to reduce costs substantially while eliminating the telephone line's dependence on wiring and other benefits (which will be mentioned below).

For this purpose, in the first place, we will explain SIP Phone and its advantages.

What is SIP Phone service?

Simply put, a SIP Phone is a telephone that uses the SIP Protocol to make and manage calls and transmits voice over IP and RTP Protocol networks. SIP Phone is also sometimes referred to as VoIP Phone.

The Real-Time Transport Protocol and Session Initiation Protocol, abbreviated as RTP and SIP, are part of several VoIP protocols (Voice over Internet Protocol). SIP is also a Signaling Protocol covering all topics related to starting, making, and managing calls from start to finish.

The SIP Phone is divided into two categories:

• Desktop phones or SIP Phone hardware systems

• SIP Phone or SoftPhone software systems

Desktop phones or SIP Phone hardware systems

These SIP phones are designed and built to look like a regular phone and have a similar function, but the hardware components used are Network-aware, or more precisely IP-aware, which is via cable. Ethernet or Wi-Fi connects to the IP network.

The newer generation of SIP Phone hardware systems comes with a new wireless technology called DECT. These SIP Phone hardware systems communicate with the Call Center through the DECT protocol.

SIP Phone service or SIP Phone software systems

SIP Phones are software programs that allow calls to be made on smartphones and computers and, like other VoIP devices, use SIP and RTP protocols to make calls and send voice (Media).

All required is an IP connection to a VoIP service provider or VoIP server, also called an IP-PBX for short. The most popular are Zoiper, MicroSIP, Eyebeam, and که, which allow you to register at least one extension line or SIP Phone for free, which ultimately saves the cost of IP purchases by using SIP Phones. Phones are also available.

Benefits of SIP Phone service

Dynamic and flexible: With SIP Phone, you can connect to the Internet anywhere and anytime. However, in Iran, it is still impossible to use the SIP Phone of another operator with the Internet of one operator.

Cost-effectiveness: You can significantly reduce costs such as cabling by having a VoIP phone system and buying a phone line with a Sipphone.

Integration and integration: Other capabilities that SIP Phone provides to institutions and companies can connect people simultaneously and seamlessly.

What is SIP Trunk service?

To better understand and understand SIP Trunk, we will first explain E1 and PRI lines' concepts.

With the advent of ISDN technology, organizations used E1 (in the United States and Japan) T1 telephone lines to benefit from a single census. By providing 32 T1 communication channels (with 24 communication channels), these lines allowed organizations to make 30 calls simultaneously from one line with a single number to outside the organization; The name of these lines is PRI, and its nature is ISDN technology, which in Iran is called E1 because of its presentation on the TDM platform, and various facilities such as receiving 4-digit and 5-digit numbers and making outgoing calls from an organization from a single census, from the past to the present. It is widely used by companies and institutions that have a telephone business.

What is SIP Trunk & SIP Phone

With the advent of VoIP and the SIP protocol, SIP trunks were created to meet the needs of practically on par with E1 lines, except that the number of communication channels is not limited and can be more than 30 channels.

In simpler terms, Sip Trunk is a new generation of E1 that can significantly reduce call costs.

The concept of trunk means communication through which more than one conversation is established. So SIP Trunk is a communication that allows you to make calls over a network using the SIP protocol. SIP Trunk uses the SIP protocol to connect one or more channels to the client PBX, and instead of PSTN telephone lines, calls can be transmitted over data and the Internet.

Benefits of SIP Trunk service

• Ease of moving the telephone line: The SIP Trunk fixed telephone service is not limited to the location, and in case of moving, there will be no need to pay for the line transfer. It is also possible to receive a number for different units or branches of an organization, regardless of geographical restrictions.

• Flexible and scalable: Adding a channel to manage and organize more calls will be easy and quick so that it can be easily expanded.

• Customer Orientation Improvement: The flexibility of VoIP systems in creating and adding appropriate software modules has resulted in the benefit of VoIP customer orientation.

• Cost reduction: In general, the use of VoIP technology reduces Capex and Opex's costs because it dramatically lowers hardware needs.

• High-quality sound: The quality of Sip Phone and Sip Trunk service calls in HD has good quality.

SIP Trunk

The best SIP Trunk service

The final step in choosing a company is to offer Sip Trunk, a set of factors that are important in making this decision:

• Support: Telephone service is the primary and most important way to communicate with people, so in case of any problem in Sipphone, the company's support unit should solve it immediately. Therefore, the availability of the support company of the provider company is very vital and essential.

• Security: Since SIP trunks are located on the Internet, the network must have an Anti-Fraud system and be safe in all respects. The Anti-Fraud system should monitor the network and protect it from fraudulent calls.

• Cost: Costs and tariffs are very competitive among Sip Trunk providers, and you should evaluate the price and quality of services before purchasing.

Sip Phone


Finally, to use the Sip Trunk service, you should consider the Internet's volume and bandwidth. Since Sip Trunk and Sip Phone are suitable solutions for different organizations in various fields, the best way is to get dedicated Internet.