NGN or Next Generation Network protocol

NGN protocols are a set of fundamental changes in the core architecture of telecommunications networks based on Internet technologies such as Internet Protocol (IP) and Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS).

1- SIGNALING TRANSMISSION PROTOCOL (STP): These protocols are responsible for signaling and initial interaction. Such as IP, UDP, TCP and ...

2. BEARER CONTROL PROTOCOL (BCP) protocols: This group has the task of controlling the lower layers. Like H.248 and MGCP (what MGC does)

3- SIGNALING TRANSMISSION PROTOCOL (STP) protocols (CALL CONTROL PROTOCOLS (CCP) protocols): This group has the task of processing the call. Such as SIP and H.323 (equivalent to ISUP and INAP in TDM)

 Other important protocols include SIP, RTP, RTCP, H.323, H.248 (MEGACO), SIGTRAN, DIFFSERV, JAIN, BICC, etc.