Job Oppotunities

Chakavak is youthful, and for this reason, its members are energetic, dynamic, talented, and professional youth. We are always looking for people like ourselves to go more substantial every day than the day before. Chakavak allows you to prove yourself and develop your abilities. We always welcome working with creative, committed, proficient, and, of course, ethical people. So if you have these characteristics and are looking to progress and join the Chakavak family, do not waste time contacting us.

Linux / Unix sysadmin / DevOps: Examining the registered requests of customers in the relevant systems and following them, the possibility of being sent to missions inside and outside the city, having a team spirit, motivated to learn, grow, upgrade and face challenging issues.
  • Familiar with the Linux operating systems of Debian and CentOS distributions
  • Familiar with VoIP concepts and standards
  • Familiar with open source switches such as Freeswitch, Asterisk
Python developer: correction and fixing software bugs, performing measures related to software development and improvement, performing necessary collaborations in designing and performing software performance testing tests, recording all corrective or action measures performed in the software
  • Familiar with Python version 2 and 3
  • Familiar with PostgreSQL database
  • Familiar with Linux.GNU operating system
  • Familiar with Git software
  • Familiar with the Go programming language
  • Familiar with RabbitMQ and ZeroMQ
PHP developer: fluent in PHP, familiar with standard frameworks, familiar with NoSQL and relational databases, familiar with Version Controllers (Git)
  • Having a teamwork spirit and motivation to grow and improve in the team
  • Having creativity, perseverance, and regularity in performing responsibilities
  • Interested in learning new concepts and solving challenging problems
VoIP Support Expert:
  • Has at least two years of experience working with the Linux operating system
  • Familiarity with the Linux operating system
  • Fluent in concepts and standards of VoIP and familiar with open source switches
  • Familiarity with the concepts of virtualization
  • Familiarity with network concepts
  • Has sufficient skills and experience in Troubleshooting