Chakavak SBC (Session Border Controller)

VoIP-based telephony services' proliferation has made cyber prevention, signal control, network edge voice control, and operator network security a critical need. DDoS attacks, Brute Force, and problems such as NAT and the various encoders used in each call are all that make the SBC stand out. Chakavak SBC uses a separate component to perform operations on voice packets and the RTP protocol.
Chakavak SBC directly controls this component. Due to its different architecture, any number of these components can be used as needed, which practically adds the load balancing feature to the telephone network.

Chakavak SBC has various capabilities and features, including:

  • Based on RFC 5853
  • Support SIP, SIP-I signaling
  • Support up to 10K concurrent sip signaling
  • Topology hiding
  • NAT traversal and route request
  • Packet inspection
  • Load balancing for other internal proxy servers
  • Separation of sip packets based on REGISTER and INVITES
  • Forwarding register packets to other nodes
  • Forwarding invite packets to other nodes
  • Blocking attackers based on RPS and failed authentication
  • Support up to 10 media proxy mode in load balancing mode
  • Sessions monitoring
  • Management dashboard
  • Access control
  • RTP inactivity monitoring