About Us

Chakavak Telecommunication Company is a joint consortium of Nooran telecommunication and Parspooyesh companies. Nooran was established in 2008 in Tehran. Nooran aims to provide network equipment and implement networks based on information technology and perform consulting, design, installation, and commissioning of various Internet networks using the world's latest technologies. Nooran is proud to carry out more than 1,500 network launch projects in Enterprise, Carrier, and Telecom. Parspooyesh Company was established in 2003 in Shiraz and then moved to Tehran in 2007. Parspooyesh has five technical teams and has a long history of providing services to more than hundreds of domestic and foreign companies and organizations. Among Parspooyesh services, we can mention the launch and support of AAA systems in 30 provinces and the 2020 system of Iran Telecommunication Company in 26 regions.


We are determined as a leading Iranian company to develop the best and most complete set of specialized services and products in this field by developing new telecommunication software and solutions based on new generation technologies.


Utilizing technical and executive knowledge, Chakavak company designs and manufactures new-generation IP-based call centers within the framework of the latest standards and telecommunication technologies in the world (NGN / IMS) to provide the best solutions at the Telecom and Enterprise has begun. This company is one of the first Iranian companies to develop and implement new generation IP-based telecommunication switches. In this regard, it has extensive experience in providing telecommunications solutions on the IP platform and using IMS architecture 3GPP-based standards. This company's primary mission is to develop and implement these strategies at the national level and improve the country's communication infrastructure.


1- Chakavak telephone switch based on modern IMS architecture 2- Flexible call center software solution for operators and service providers 3- Call center software for all types of organizations and businesses 4- Media gateway hardware product