Chakavak Call Center and Contact Center

Chakavak Call Center and Contact Center

In today's world, every business needs a way to connect with customers and partners. The call center is one of the most critical parts of operations in organizations because it enables managers and business owners to be aware of how their employees communicate with customers. The need for companies to communicate closely and continuously with customers, along with the development of communication channels and the advent of VoIP technology, has created a new concept called Contact Center, which allows customers to communicate simultaneously and comprehensively with organizations. It also provides a tool for monitoring the number of calls and managing and analyzing them. In this case, customer interaction is done through various communication channels such as web, e-mail, fax, SMS, etc.

The terms Call Center and Contact Center have different meanings, and contact centers are usually considered the new generation of call centers. But many use the term call center for both Call Center and Contact Center. The call center facilitates and controls incoming calls, provides intelligent call routing, reduces failed calls, makes optimal time and workforce, and ultimately increases customer satisfaction. Using our experience in VoIP and network software production, with the support of our professional team, we have one of the most potent call center and contact center systems in our product portfolio. Chakavak Call Center has various analytical reporting, customization, personalization, synchronization with 3rd Party systems (such as ticketing), etc. This system is produced based on unique design and analysis of the needs of organizations so that in addition to flexibility and scalability, it also has acceptable stability.

Using Chakavak Call Center Software reduces costs, optimizes customer response time, and makes them more satisfied with the services. We have produced Chakavak Call Center with local knowledge and based on international standards, and it has been used in several projects in the country.

Chakavak Call Center

Managing and Routing Incoming Calls

Effective management of incoming calls is a critical process. Information has to be appropriately recorded; calls should be adequately distributed and answered in the best way. Therefore, efficient routing of contacts in this process can be challenging. One of the essential tasks of the Chakavak Call Center is managing and intelligently routing incoming calls. By identifying active operators, Chakavak Call Center queues the first caller to the last caller and distributes them regularly and intelligently among operators. For this reason, it is a good option for organizing the volume and number of calls.

Provide Analyzable Management Reports

Another function of the Chakavak Call Center Software is to provide accurate and detailed reports on calls. Management reports are vital because they enable managers to analyze calls and adopt appropriate sales processes, organizational structure, etc. One of the most important reasons for using the call center is its reports, because by using them, all data can be collected and evaluated to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the call center, operators, etc. And thus improve the customer experience.

Call Center and Contact Center
Chakavak Call Center and Contact Center

Unlimited Communication with Customers

Today, attracting and retaining customers has become a vital issue of any business. One of the best ways to attract and retain customers is to provide services over the Internet and use the capabilities of the call center and call center. By integrating communication methods, Chakavak Call Center will play an essential role in increasing customer satisfaction and productivity. Customer relationship is vital because it builds and maintains trust between the customer and the business. When customers trust a brand, they are more likely to be loyal to it. For this reason, Chakavak Call Center helps companies to understand the needs and expectations of customers better.

Chakavak Call Center Software Features

Among the numerous features of Chakavak Call Center, we can mention the following:


Chakavak is always by the side of customers with its experienced and talented support team.

Management Dashboard

Chakavak software has a management dashboard that allows you to collect all the information quickly.

Statistical Reports

With statistical reports provided in Chakavak software, you can improve the quality of your services.

High Stability & Security

The various elements of the Chakavak call center have good stability and security in busy times.


Chakavak's proprietary topology allows the high-traffic call center to respond to customers without any problems.


We personalize the call center according to your organization's needs so that you can use it in the best way.

Chakavak Call Center Reports

Answered Calls
  • Number of calls
  • The duration of each conversation
  • Average waiting time
  • Minimum / maximum call length
  • Minimum / maximum call waiting time
  • Total talk time
  • Operators in queue
  • Number of calls received by each operator
  • Reasons for disconnection
  • Transfer calls
  • Calls answered by the queuing system
  • Answered calls based on internal / external call direction
Disconnected Calls (Unanswered)
  • Number of missed calls
  • Average time before disconnection
  • Minimum / maximum waiting time at the time of disconnection
  • Total time before disconnection
  • Unanswered calls based on queue
  • Details of missed calls
Area Code Breakdown (Answered and Disconnected Calls)
  • Area code
  • Number
  • Total talk time
  • Average time for each call (for answered calls)
  • Average waiting for each call
  • Area code breakdown can be done dynamically with different subcategories of area code
Automatic Distribution of Incoming Calls
  • Total number of automatic calls sent to operators
  • Average of distributed and answered calls
  • Maximum / minimum number of distributed and answered calls
  • Average number of unanswered calls
  • Maximum / minimum number of unanswered calls
  • Total number of distributions answered
  • Number of calls distributed per queue
Call Distribution
  • Number of calls answered per day
  • Average maximum / minimum call duration per day
  • Waiting time for answered calls per day
  • Average maximum / minimum waiting time per day
  • Waiting time for unanswered calls per day
  • Average maximum / minimum waiting time for calls per day
  • Distributed calls per hour
  • Waiting time for missed calls per hour
  • Average maximum / minimum waiting time for unanswered calls per hour
Calls Answered by Days
  • Average maximum / minimum call duration per day
  • Waiting time for answered calls per day
  • Average maximum / minimum waiting time for unanswered calls per day
  • Hourly reports
  • Number of operators available
  • Total response time of each operator
  • Average operator response time
  • Operator availability
  • Operator time in interrupt mode
  • Average duration of interruptions for each operator
  • Average interruption in each interval
  • Answered calls (number, average, time, total percentage) for each operator
  • Full details of the operator interruption
  • Useful duration of operator operation
Call Details
  • Time and date
  • waiting list
  • Call waiting time
  • Responding operator
  • Caller ID
  • Imported call codes
  • Full listening of the recorded conversation audio file
Missed Calls Details
  • Time and date
  • Caller phone number
  • Call target waiting lists
  • Waiting time before disconnecting




System Stability


Years of Development

Call centers play a crucial role in a highly competitive market where customer loyalty is paramount to businesses. Although the part of the call center was not very important in the past, today, their importance and effectiveness in providing efficient and effective service to customers cannot be ignored. Because of this, as your organization and business growth, so does the need to handle customer calls. The call center has many benefits for you and your business. It allows customers to resolve their issues quickly or ask questions in the shortest possible time, making them feel good about your brand and business.

The call center provides an opportunity to learn more about customers. For example, by monitoring calls, you can quickly identify whether your customers are from a specific geographical area or not. In addition, the call center helps you better to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business. The call center industry is changing rapidly, customer demands are constantly changing, and technology is becoming more up-to-date. You can use Chakavak Call Center to increase customer service and differentiate yourself from other competitors.

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