Hosted PBX چکاوک

Chakavak Hosted PBX solutions

Due to the rapid changes in systems and software solutions, software systems have changed and moved towards hosted services. On the other hand, the software can be provided in different models. The SaaS model is a software delivery method that simplifies users' access to the software. In the past, all software had to be stored in the computer system that was intended to be used, but now this has changed dramatically. The SaaS model, which stands for Software as a Service, allows the software to be hosted on a remote server. In general, the SaaS model stores software and all related information on the cloud.
Chakavak Hosted PBX solutions system allows operators to provide all their customers using a platform without the need to set up a VPS or install a separate OS, Cloud PBX service, or cloud call center to customers.
Chakavak Hosted PBX's advantages include low setup cost, a User-Friendly panel, and no dependence on a specific geographical location. Chakavak Hosted PBX system as a value-added service is an excellent complement to NGN service, and as a very cost-effective solution, it provides countless capabilities to enterprise subscribers.

Features of Chakavak Hosted PBX

Chakavak Hosted PBX system is a comprehensive and complete solution provided to provide PBX service as an added value of organizational lines. Among the features of Chakavak Hosted PBX, we can mention the following:


  • Easy maintenance, stability, high reliability, and flexibility
  • Has a dedicated Landing Page
  • Enjoy a beautiful and efficient graphical web interface for easy configuration
  • Benefit from graphic Dial Plan to design call scenarios
  • Ability to connect to a variety of internal and external CRMs
  • Statistical and comprehensive reports in statistical and graphical form with details
  • Auto voicemail module
  • Ability to provide service in a distributed manner
  • System Management Panel



  • Provide various purchase plans to subscribers
  • Vendors Management Panel
  • Subscriber portal and panel
  • Management of services, projects, and customers
  • Has Redundancy
  • The service does not depend on the location of the subscribers
  • The online and offline charging system
  • Provide web-based tools for service management by subscribers
  • monitoring


Hosted PBX چکاوک

Benefits of Chakavak Hosted PBX

  • No dependence on internet outage or power outage
  • Affordable price
  • Abundant facilities
  • Strong support
  • High security
  • High scalability
  • Full reports
  • Easy to set up
  • No need for hardware

Hosted PBX Components

1. A proxy server (SBC) handles packet processing, voice, traffic management, and routing at the network's edge.

  • Load Balancing
  • Registered
  • Firewall
  • Media proxy

2. Switch core (soft switch), responsible for signal processing and customer service management.

  • Provide PBX customer service based on domain
  • Routing calls based on required logic
  • No common dependency on a specific switch

3. Admin and Reseller Panel

  • Manage all service and system components via the web
  • Includes three layers of the operator, reseller, and customers

4. Charging

  • Postpaid and Prepaid charging
  • Submit invoices at specified periods

5. DNS service that is responsible for managing domains and IPs.
6. API Gateway